Catholics for Marriage Equality Urges You To Support the Preble Street Resource Center!

For Immediate Release
Thursday, March 25, 2010

Contact: Anne Underwood or Charles Martel

Preble Street Resource Center

Catholics for Marriage Equality Urges You
To Support the Preble Street Resource Center!

PORTLAND -- Catholics for Marriage Equality (C4ME), a national organization advocating Catholic support for same-sex civil marriage today issued the following statement in response to the Diocese of Portland's withdrawal of Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) funding for Homeless Voices for Justice (HVJ), a consumer-run program administered by the Preble Street Resource Center, a secular social service agency serving homeless families, youth and adults:

C4ME calls on its members, and all Catholics who support marriage equality, to take two actions:

  1. Redirect charitable donations from Catholic organizations, controlled by our bishops, directly to the Preble Street Resource Center until CCHD funds revoked by Maine's Bishop Richard Malone are compensated.
    Make your donation today!
    IMPORTANT:  In the dedication box note "HVJ/C4ME"
  2. Sign our Declaration affirming that the Church can define sacramental marriage for its members, but that civil marriage as a human right is the prerogative of each state to define. The Declaration is available at:

The revocation of CCHD funds ($17,400 this year and an anticipated $33,000 next cycle) are in retaliation for Preble Street staff's support of marriage equality during the November 2009 referendum led by Bishop Malone that overturned Maine's marriage equality legislation. HVJ participants voted not to take a stand so themselves did nothing contrary to the bishop's political mission.

The bishop is punishing the poor for the actions of grant administrators who supported marriage equality and their LGBT consumers because sexual orientation is the prime cause of teenage homelessness.



Catholics for Marriage Equality (C4ME) exists to give hope to those who are hurt and angry because of our bishop's determination to block civil same-sex marriage. C4ME disseminates information that is truthful and respectful stating why marriage equality is a matter of civil rights and social justice that Catholics are free to support -- indeed, may feel compelled to support as a matter of social conscience and responsible citizenship.

For more information contact Anne Underwood or Charles Martel, Catholics for Marriage Equality,