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Catholics Celebrate Marriage Equality in Illinois with Public Witness

Catholics for Marriage Equality, a coalition of Catholic pro-equality groups in Illinois who were active in their support of the passage of The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act will be celebrating the signing of the bill by Governor Quinn on November 20th at the Forum on the UIC campus by displaying their coalition banner outside the facility.

The coalition includes four Illinois Chapters of Call to Action with Fortunate Families, New Ways Ministry and Dignity/Chicago.   As we celebrate this milestone with joy, we wish to express our thanks to Catholic legislators, including our Catholic governor, for voting their consciences and courageously standing on the side of love and equality for all.

“We plan to mark this wonderful day by gathering before and after the signing under our banner that identifies that Catholics do support Marriage Equality and proclaims ‘God is Love,’ says Barbara Marian, of Harvard, Illinois, a Listening Parent with Fortunate Families, a national outreach to other Catholic parents of gay children. 

She adds “This civil law codifies, protects and defends the innate dignity, God-given equality and freedom of our children to love and commit their lives to the person of their choosing.

In response to Springfield Bishop Thomas Paprocki’s announcement that he will conduct a rite of exorcism at 4:00 on November 20th in Springfield against the “sin” of gay marriage and the politicians who voted for its legalization , Bob Heineman of Call To Action said, “The outrageous notion that passing this legislation is somehow the work of the devil is yet another blow to the  Body of the Church.  As ordinary Catholic people in the pews we are astounded and quite frankly more than a little embarrassed for Bishop Paprocki.

”Going forward we will be praying for him and all our families who have suffered the disdain and bullying of too many of our Bishops who continue to speak against us. Standing together as parents and families of lesbians and gays and their children, we call for an end to these attacks and for movement in our church to a spirit of welcome and embrace for all our children.”  

Catholics for Marriage Equality Illinois is proud of the work so many of our faith leaders, and fellow Catholics, have done to speak out for equality and stand on the side of love. We invite supporters to join us on Wednesday, November 20 at 3:00pm outside the UIC Forum to provide witness to and celebration of this incredible victory for human dignity, equality, and love.

The UIC Forum is located at 725 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago IL 60608 (southeast corner of Halsted and Roosevelt). The Forum is located minutes from downtown Chicago and is easily accessible by public transportation.

Catholics for Marriage Equality--Illinois is a coalition of the four Call To Action chapters in Illinois, with Dignity/Chicago, Fortunate Families, and New Ways Ministry.



View the VOTE RECORD for Illinois S.B. 0010 that approved marriage equality in Illinois.  Click here to download the PDF. 


Illinois Catholics Turn Out to Support Marriage Equality Demonstration

By Francis DeBernardo

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October 26, 2013

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Catholics joined with thousands of other Illinois marriage equality supporters this past week for a March on Springfield,  to support the bill for marriage equality in that state.    A coalition called Catholics for Marriage Equality Illinois showed up stalwartly in rainy weather to let state lawmakers and others know that their Catholic faith urged them to work for legal protections for gay and lesbian couples and their families.

The Catholics for Marriage Equality coalition is comprised of members and supporters of Chicago and West Suburban Call To Action chapters, Faithful of Southern Illinois, Dignity/ChicagoFortunate Families, and New Ways Ministry.

The fate of the marriage equality bill, SB10, is currently undecided,  The Chicago Tribune noted this about the march:

“The show of force that police estimated at 3,000 people ran up against the political reality that there’s little indication the Illinois House is any closer to approving a gay marriage bill than it was before a summer of lobbying efforts.”

But the newspaper also noted that if the bill does pass the legislature. the Catholic governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, is prepared to sign it into law.  The article stated:

“Gov. Pat Quinn, a practicing Roman Catholic, has vowed to sign the gay marriage bill if it reaches his desk. . . .  [He] said he decided to support same-sex marriage against the teachings of the Catholic Church as a matter of ‘conscience.’

” ‘I believe everyone of faith should listen to their conscience, and I have in my case,’ Quinn said. ‘The time for marriage equality has come. This is our time. This is our moment.’”

Catholics who were at the event said that the news media generally failed to recognize the strong faith contingent in the demonstration.  Instead, a number of media reports focused on the fact that Springfield’s Bishop Thomas Paprocki refused to allow Catholics who support marriage equality to enter the cathedral to pray the rosary. The Tribune reported:

“Paprocki said the plan by demonstrators to pray for gay marriage amounted to blasphemy, but he noted that ‘our cathedral and parish churches are always open to everyone who wishes to repent their sins and ask for God’s forgiveness.’ “

Governor Quinn called Paprocki’s reaction “disappointing.”

The Catholics who marched tell another story of how their witness touched and empowered others at the demonstration.  Lena Woltering, of Faithful of Southern Illinois, commented:

“There was good reaction to the Catholic presence.  A young lesbian couple noticed I was holding the Catholics for Marriage Equality sign and asked if I was from Springfield.  I told them I was not and they proceeded to tell me how they had gone to the Springfield Cathedral that morning for Eucharist and throughout the service the priest was very hateful, saying good Catholics should be appalled that the rally was taking place and he encouraged all to attend the anti-gay marriage rally the following day.  They had tears in their eyes as they spoke and thanked us for being visible at the rally.  Quite a few others stopped to thank us for our presence.”
Barbara Marian, of Fortunate Families, told the following story:
“It was cold and raining in Springfield on Tuesday, October 22nd but standing among the more than 3,000 chanting and cheering advocates of equal marriage we were flooded with warmth and hope and joy and gratitude to be there and to know we will soon see the day that all citizens of Illinois will be able to marry the person they love.”A number of advocates from other mainline faith communities were present and waving their signs and we Catholics appeared to have the largest number of supporters under the Catholics for Marriage Equality and Fortunate Families banners.”The speakers and the great music were rousing and wonderful but the most encouraging aspect of the rally for us was the constant steam of people coming up to talk to us and take photos of us with the banners so we know that we ‘went home’ with hundreds of the marchers and will appear thousands of times on their friends and families’ Facebook pages.

“Some of us strolled among the people in the crowd offering our greetings and giving out the Catholics for Marriage Equality bumper stickers on paint stirrers when they asked, ‘Oo-o! Where can I get one of THOSE?’   Thousands saw that we were there on that important day and were happy to know Catholics from the pews were working with them to bend the arc of history in Illinois toward justice and equality for all.  ”