About Catholics for Marriage Equality (C4ME)

  • We are Catholics promoting the freedom for all loving couples to be included in civil marriage.
  • We know that God is a God of Love.
  • We believe God desires inclusiveness for all families in the benefits conferred by civil marriage.
  • We affirm the Constitutional right of the Church hierarchy to define who can wed in the Catholic Church.
  • We are heartened that the same Constitutional right prohibits the Catholic hierarchy from imposing its dogma outside its own institutions.
  • We commit ourselves to advocating the highest expectations for human dignity, fairness and freedom exemplified by Vatican II and demonstrated by Catholic Social Justice teachings throughout our history.

C4ME is composed of Catholic (practicing, distanced; self-identified, cultural) individuals or groups that affirm the C4ME purpose:

  • to demonstrate publicly and respectfully that civil marriage for same-sex couples is a matter of freedom and fairness, consistent with traditional Catholic social justice principles;
  • to encourage Catholics to exercise their responsibility to inform and follow their consciences on this and related civic issues;
  • to advocate for public policies that strengthen families of all kinds by supporting loving relationships, promoting the well-being of children, and building communities.

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